Common Fengshui Mistakes (129) Please do not put your golden toad in the bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchens

Golden Toad

Why you should not put your golden toad in the bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchens?

Bathrooms and toilets:

These rooms are where you remove negative energy and waste from your body. Besides dirty energy, these rooms also contain huge amount of water and “yin energy”. The golden toad will soon lose its power and become an ordinary decoration.


The bedrooms are where your household members rest, rejuvenate and do intimate stuff. Placing the golden toad in these rooms is considered sacrilege. Its benefits and powers will greatly decline due to this lack of Fengshui knowledge.


Kitchens are where you cook and consume food. Chopping, cutting and steaming meat items in front of the golden toad are also considered as sacrilege. Kitchens are associated with “fire” while the golden toad is associated with “water”. These 2 elements do not mix well and may contribute to bickering or disputes on the dining tables.


Shift the golden frog to your living room and study room. Make sure the golden frog is always facing you when you rest or work in these 2 rooms.

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