Common Fengshui Mistakes (126) Please do not place your sink next to or opposite your stove

Plumbing Problems

Why you should not place your sink next to or opposite your stove?

These two key areas of the kitchen create immense amount of artificial energy. If you put them so closed to each other, the energy flow in the kitchen will greatly increase, creating disharmony and disputes among family members.

Your stove represents the fire element while your washing sink represents the water element. By placing two of then opposite each other, you risk extinguish the “fire” and wealth of your kitchen.


Shift your stove away from the sink. If you have a small apartment and renovation is close to impossible, my advice is to separate both of them by using pots of green plants (remember do not use plants with thorns). Although this act will not completely solve the taboo, it will lessen most of its worst effects.

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