Common Fengshui Mistakes (124) Please do not place your dining table next to or opposite the stove


Why you should not place your dining table next to or opposite the stove?

First, stove signifies fire. Too much “fire” energy or “heat” is not good for the health of your family members. Frequent diarrhea, poor appetite or stomach aches (despite eating clean and healthy food) may be warning signs that you have place the dining table at the wrong location.

Second, disputes and quarrels may arise from violating this Fengshui taboo. Take notice when you and your family members often bicker over minor issues during meal times.

Third, there is a Chinese saying “fire behind your back” (背后一把火). Be alert when your children or subordinates disobey your instructions. Some of your so called “friends” may back stab you when you are down on luck.


Shift the dining table as far as possible from the stove. Also make sure the dining table does not face the stove. If that is not possible, use a movable curtain to separate the dining and the stove.

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