Common Fengshui Mistakes (122) Please do not place your fish tank in front of your property

Fish Tank and Mirrors

Why you should never place a fish tank in front of your property?

Many seafood restaurants throughout the world love to put huge aquariums or fish tanks at the front entrances. The main reason is to assure potential customers the freshness and huge size of the fishes. By doing so, they actually committed most of the basic Fengshui taboos.

First, the front entrance of a business or home should be free of clutter. Anything that obstruct energy flows should be removed.

Second, fish tanks have mirrors which will reflect away clean energy and good luck.

Third, fish waste and water contain dirty “yin” energy, which will attract wandering spirits to the entrances.

Fourth, killing fishes for food is considered a sin. Business owners should not “show off” their sins in front of passer-bys.

Fifth, the front entrance is the most important part of a property’s Fengshui. By putting the fish tank in front of the entrance signifies the upset of the natural order.


Move the fish tanks from the entrance to the interior of the property. If the seafood is delicious, customers will still visit the restaurant.

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