Common Fengshui Mistakes (121) Please do not place your bedroom near the swimming pool

Swimming Pool

Why you should not place your bedroom near the swimming pool?

Swimming pools often remind people of coolness, enjoyment and refreshment. But there are two negative aspects of having swimming pools in a home. First, they contain immense amount of artificial energy. Second, swimming pools can attract huge amount of negative “yin” energy from the surrounding area.

If you place your home near a swimming pool, the immense amount of artificial energy will disrupt your sleeping process, causing fatigue and insomnia. Too much moisture in a bed room may cause cleanliness and maintenance problems, putting a dent in your wallet. The large amount of “Yin energy” can also bring you bad luck and attract restless spirits from the surrounding areas.


Shift all the bedrooms of your home as far as possible from the swimming pool. Do not be evil and let your servants stay in rooms facing or located near the swimming pools.

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