Common Fengshui Mistakes (120) Please do not place the altar in the kitchen

Kitchen Entrance

Why you should not place the altar in the kitchen?

First, the living room holds a higher position than the kitchen. By placing the altar in the kitchen, you are actually demoting or humiliating the home gods. With the exception of the stove god, no god altars should be placed in the kitchen.

Second, the altar actually guards and shields the home from disasters and disharmony. By shifting it into the kitchen, its power greatly diminishes.

Third, chopping, cooking and consumption of meat happens almost every day in the kitchen. This act is sinful and highly irritating to the home gods.

Fourth, cooking creates excess gases and oil, which will require the homeowner to clean the altar frequently. A dirty altar is highly detrimental to home Fengshui and can bring immense bad luck to a household.


Shift the altar to the living room. Make sure the home gods are higher than the ancestor tablets. Offer three incense sticks to each ancestor or god every day. During festive occasions, homeowners can also use oranges or simple cakes as additional offerings.

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