Common Fengshui Mistakes (117) Please do not place any coin swords in your home

Coin Sword

Why you should not place any coin swords in your home?

First, coin swords have no Fengshui effects! They are not Fengshui “cures”. They are simple artworks, pure and simple! Do not waste money on ugly and useless household decorations.

Second, all swords contain negative “sha” energy irregardless whether they are real weapons or fake toys. Longquan swords have Fengshui benefits only if they are placed in the study room. Sword tips should be covered with sheaths to minimize the strength of the “sha” energy.

Third, coin swords are perfect sanctuaries for wandering spirits. Most people may not know that some religious leaders use coin swords to temporary “hold” evil spirits that they subdued.


Immediately remove all the coin swords from your home. If you have doubts, place them neatly inside the storeroom and consult your local religious leader (monk, priest or teacher).

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