Common Fengshui Mistakes (115) Please do not locate your storeroom in the center of your home


Why you should not locate your storeroom in the center of your home?

 Storeroom is often used by a home owner to store equipment or unnecessary stuff. The center of the home is often regarded as the second most important aspect of a property’s Fengshui. As a homeowner, the last thing in your mind will be to locate the storeroom at the center of your property.

A home is where you enjoy life and rejuvenates after a hard day of work. Most people will rarely visit their storerooms once in a week. The storerooms are often closed with the lights switched off. Thus, it is very natural that they contain immense amount of dirty and stale energy. Having immense amount of negative energy in the heart of your home is not good for your health and luck.

In Chinese customs and traditions, the storeroom holds a very low position compared to the bedrooms, living room or kitchen. If you put the storeroom in the center of your home, you risk upsetting the harmony of your household. Do not be surprised when your family members are constantly quarreling over trivial matters.


Locate your storeroom at an isolated corner of your home. Keep all the items clean, neat and tidy. Make sure you open the door and switch on the lights once every few days. This is to regulate energy flows and prevent negative energy from accumulating to humongous levels.

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