Common Fengshui Mistakes (113) Please do not locate a toilet beside your living room


Why you should not locate a toilet beside your living room?

First, the living room is often the first place that clean energy enters a home. A toilet contains dirty, wet and “yin” energy. This clash of energy flows will disrupt your home’s rejuvenation process, resulting in bad luck and frequent quarrels.

Second, there is a Chinese saying “when the living room meets the toilet, a household’s wealth will experience an unpredictable decline” (堂见厕,破财难测). Water signifies luck and wealth in Fengshui. It is also common knowledge that water flows away from the toilet everyday. As a homeowner, you will want to place the toilets in remote corners of your home and not in such an important location.

Third, the living room is where most homeowners set up the altar area. Locating a toilet so close to the ancestor tablets and god statues is considered sacrilege.

Fourth, imagine the pungent smell pouring into the living room every time someone opens the toilet door! Irritation and psychological stress may lead to your family members asking you to locate it elsewhere.

Fifth, a living room is where your household members enjoy and rest while a toilet is where people gets rid of negative energy and waste. There is an obvious clash of purposes here when you put the two rooms together.


Convert the toilet to a study room. If you do not have money or time for renovation, try your best not to use the toilet beside the living room. Open the toilet door every day to let in fresh air. After cleaning and flushing the toilet, close the lid and door. Install a movable window shade to separate the living room from the toilet. Growing green plants (without thorns) at the toilet entrance is also a good way to keep negative energy at bay.

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