Common Fengshui Mistakes (111) Please do not leave nails hanging on your doors


Why you should never leave nails hanging on your doors?

First, your front door should be clean and neat. Any unnecessary stuff should be removed to avoid obstruction of energy flows.

Second, a door is considered the mouth of a room. Hitting nails onto the doors may be a dark prophecy that your family may suffer from diseases, lawsuits or quarrels.

Third, nails do rust. When they rust, negative energy will accumulate. If the homeowner still does not do anything to remedy the situation, the negative energy will soon obstruct clean energy from entering and even attract wandering spirits.

Fourth, hitting nails on the front door is considered extremely unlucky in Chinese tradition. Why? This act reminds people of locking of coffin lids!

Fifth, too many nails hanging on the doors may bring about huge amount of “sha” energy. Hanging nails usually point towards a direction. If your bedroom or living room faces a poorly maintained door with lots of hanging nails, your health and luck will go downhill.


Remove all nails from your doors and fill up the holes. If you need to hang anything on a door, use seamless hooks.

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