Common Fengshui Mistakes (109) Please do not buy a property that is located near lots of road wires

Road Wires

Why you should never buy a property that is located near lots of road wires?

First, road wires contain immense amount of artificial energy. They will either greatly decrease or increase the energy flows into your home. You may experience sudden and unexpected good luck events (striking a lottery or lucky draw) but has to spend the money on bad luck situations (fine or lawsuits).

Second, road wires look very similar to human body parts or organs. Having a property that has so many road wires dangling around may be a hidden prophesy that your household members will soon suffer from poor health.

Third, there is a Chinese saying of “casting an escape proof net” (天罗地网). This term is usually meant to warn people not to do bad deeds or criminal acts because karma will eventually catch up to you. Having a property so closed to live wires, signifies your helplessness and inability to escape from your current destiny.

The ideal solution is to shift home. If that is not possible, move your front door away from the live wires. Invite the goddess Guan Yin into your home for protection. Grow some green plants (with no thorns) at all windows facing the live wires and put a bagua mirror at the home entrance. The last resort will be to contact your local government officials and request them for a major upgrade of the surrounding facilities (which may take decades for the taboo to be resolved).

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