Common Fengshui Mistakes (108) Please do not buy a property that is located near a farmland


Why you should never buy a property located near a farmland?

First, farmland contains huge amount of pungent smell and odors. In Fengshui, properties located near it will violate the taboo of “wei sha” (味煞). Breathing in smelly air all the time is also not good for a person’s body and psychological health.

Second, animal waste and fertilizer produce huge amount of negative energy. Unless the home owners do something drastic, this dirty energy will obstruct clean rejuvenated energy from entering their properties.

Third, a home is for a family to live and rest. A farmland is for the farmer to grow crops and rear livestock. There is a clear clash of purpose here.

The solution is to avoid all properties that are located near farmlands. If you are living in one right now, grow lots of plants (with no thorns) in front of your home. Negative energy will be absorbed or deflected by the green miracle workers. Make sure the entrance of your door is not obstructed. Then place a bagua mirror at the top of your front door. This will prevent any unholy energy from entering your household.

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