Common Fengshui Mistakes (107) Please do not buy a property that is circular or oval in shape

Round House

Many Chinese people will associate circular buildings with tulous (土楼) in Fujian and Guangdong provinces of China. During the late Qing dynasty, there were constant unrest and upheaval in the empire. Rich people were constantly harassed, robbed or even killed by bandits. In order to protect themselves, they built circular houses with firing holes. These properties became formidable fortresses as the bandits’ guns and horses became useless against them.

In the world today, society is much more peaceful. No Chinese will even think of building or buying circular properties because these properties violated some of the worst Fengshui taboos.

Dirty and negative energy will find it very difficult to get out of the buildings. It will constantly revolve around the circumference of the properties, resulting in bad luck and poor health of the inhabitants. As the negative energy accumulates, the buildings will become strong magnets to wandering spirits.

If people die inside a circular home, their spirits will find it difficult to seek reincarnation or crossing over to the next world. Elaborate and special rites may have to be performed if you see spirits of your deceased relatives haunting the household.


Do not buy any properties that are circular or oval in shape. Houses that have circular rooms are also highly frowned upon. If you happen to be living in one this circular homes, my advice is to grow more green plants and open up the windows. Place a bagua mirror at the home entrance to ward off any wandering spirits from your household.

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