Common Fengshui Mistakes (105) Please make sure your home’s kitchen entrance is not bigger than the front entrance

Kitchen Entrance

The scenario of a small home entrance and a big kitchen entrance is very common in apartments and condominiums these days. The most important room of a home is the living room. The living room is where most Asians set up their altar area for praying to ancestors and gods. The second most important room of a home is the master bedroom where the father and mother rest at night. The third most important room of a home is the kids’ bedroom. The kitchen is ranked fourth behind all the rooms. Having a bigger kitchen entrance than the front entrance signifies an upset of balance or order. You may find your children and subordinates not listening to your command and instructions.

A large kitchen entrance upsets the energy flow of the entire home. It is like a huge mouth sucking in nourishment and water from the rest of the home. The ultimate kitchen Fengshui taboo is to have the toilet door facing a big kitchen door and a small front door. If your home happens to have this setup, you will find your health declining and wealth “flowing” away rapidly.

The expensive solution is to renovate the kitchen entrance and make it smaller. The simpler solution will be installing a sliding door at the kitchen entrance. Slightly close the sliding door to make sure that the kitchen entrance is always smaller than the home entrance. Shift your front door if it is facing directly facing the kitchen door. If there is a toilet beside your kitchen, close the door after using it.

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