Common Fengshui Mistakes (104) Please do not place your front door below a bathroom


Your front door is one of the most important Fengshui area of your home. This is the place where “cai” (luck) and rejuvenated energy enters your home. The bathroom is where you remove your dirt and waste. When you put a bathroom above your front door, the dirty and stale energy is constantly clashing and driving away cleaner energy.

The bathroom is the place in your home commonly associated with “hui” and “yin” energy due to the presence of water. Having too much negative energy above the front door does not bring luck and may invite spirits into your home. The solution is to look at more property options. If you really want to buy the house, try to renovate and shift the bathroom or front door. Make sure your bathroom can receive fresh air and sunlight. You can also place ferns and money plants (with the exception of cactus and roses) to negate the worst effects of the negative energy.

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