Common Fengshui Mistakes (103) Please do not place your bedroom above or below the kitchen

Black Bed

This problem is commonly associated with people living in landed property with 2 or more levels. Do not place a bedroom above or below the kitchen.

First, the bedroom is for you to rest and rejuvenate while the kitchen is for you to cook food. The clash of purposes will bring disharmony to your home.

Second, the kitchen contains the microwave oven and stove. Living above or below the kitchen signify you being cooked alive. You will also not want your “cai” or wealth being burned away.

Third, the kitchen has the strongest fire Fengshui element in your home. By living above or below the kitchen, you may suffer from body ailments such as gallstones or liver problems.

Fourth, it is a great taboo to let a pregnant woman sleep above or below a kitchen as it may increase the likelihood of miscarriage. It also signify the newborn will spend his/her life in the kitchen cooking.

Fifth, a bedroom is for you to make love with your partner. Sleeping above or under a kitchen may increase the number of disputes and quarrels.

The solution is to place your kitchen in the lowest level of your house. Use the room directly above your kitchen as a storeroom. Make sure your master bedroom has adequate air flow and sunlight. Do not place any flowers, plants, statues or any unnecessary decorations in the bedrooms.

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