Common Fengshui Mistakes (102) Please do not grow bonsai in your home


Plants are great Fengshui “cures”. They increase the amount of “sheng” and “yang” energy in your home. They produces oxygen and can get rid of air pollutants. There are a lot of Fengshui “masters” who advocate using bonsai as home decorations and Fengshui “cures’. I am one of the few bloggers who are firmly against placing bonsai in a home. There is a big difference between green plants and bonsai.

First, you need to know what is a bonsai. Bonsai or Penjing is an East Asian art form that uses miniature trees grown in containers. Yes, a bonsai plant is actually a tree that is kept small for the amusement of mere mortals. Anything that goes against the divine law of nature will bring bad karma and luck.

Second, bonsai signifies stunted growth. If you are hoping to expand your business or starting on a new career path, you may face difficulties and obstacles. Your family members who are suffering from sickness may find it more difficult to recover.

Third, I personally think that having a bonsai in your home is cursing the babies or children that they will never grow up. I highly advise people that have little kids in the household to donate their bonsai to the local botanic garden or schools.

Fourth, bonsai lacked “sheng” energy. Having bonsai in a home is actually a taboo among property and stock investors.

Fifth, bonsai requires patience and time to maintain their artificial beauty. A poorly maintained bonsai is the ultimate Fengshui nightmare. It signifies negligence, poverty and sadness, along with its multiple negative properties.

The solution is to get rid of bonsai plants by donating to local communities. Grow ferns, money plants and flowers without thorns in your home. Always look for beautiful, cheap and resilient plants to buy when you are in a plant shop. Do not go for expensive and hard to maintain plants that easily die. The death of plants is also bad for home Fengshui. Never buy fake flowers and plants for home decorations.

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