Common Fengshui Mistakes (101) Please remove all beautiful woman artworks and photographs from your home

Beautiful Women

A lot of men like to put photographs of beautiful women in their bedroom, living room and lockers. I understand that humans have “special needs” but these photographs are bad for home Fengshui.

First, this photographs will invoke lustful thoughts and are very bad for personal cultivation. I will strongly encourage young males to go out socializing. This will greatly increase their chances of finding a decent girlfriend instead of having unrealistic fantasies with sexy women.

Second, if you put this photographs in the living room, it is showing disrespect to the ancestors and gods guarding your home. The worst case scenario is when you put photos of naked women near the altar area. If you do not remove them in time, the gods will soon abandon your home.

Third, if you put them in your bedroom, it will invite negative “lan tao hua” energy. Your relationship with your girlfriend or wife will deteriorate. You may also find it easy to know flirting women or people with bad nature.

 Fourth, this type of photographs will attract negative “yin” energy and are perfect sanctuaries for wandering spirits. You will feel psychologically stressed and may think the women in the photographs are “looking” at you.

Fifth, unnecessary artworks are considered as clutter and will obstruct the energy flow in your home. Your home should have as few paintings, photographs and statues as possible. Photographs of your ancestors and family members should be kept in albums.

The solution is to remove the photographs of beautiful women from your home. If you are really lustful, just store the pictures inside your personal computer instead of hanging them in your home.

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