Common Fengshui Mistakes (100) Please remove all wall plants or vines in your home

Wall Plants

Having flowers and green plants in your home are good for Fengshui. You should never keep any pets and plants in your bedroom. There are also certain plants you should never put in your home. The two famous examples are cactus and roses because they have thorns which emit negative “sha” energy. Another less common examples are wall plants or vines.

Wall plants or vines suck clean energy and water from your home. Your home will have a lack of “cai” (wealth) and luck. As these plants continue to grow, they will also prevent sunlight from reaching the windows. If you did not remedy the situation in time, huge amount of negative “yin” energy will accumulate, thus attracting further bad luck and wandering spirits.

As the wall plants continue to grow, cracks will soon emerge on the wall itself. Visitors to your home will think that your home lack proper maintenance. This will affect your business and career opportunities. If you cannot take good care of your home, how can you manage to cope with job? The value of your property will greatly diminish unless you remove the plants and patch up the cracks.

Your home is like a body. The wall plants are like diseases or “foreign invaders”. These unwanted plants growing on your home signify that your family members will suffer from major health problems. Cracks on the wall may signify your body aging or suffering from bone-related illnesses.

The easy solution is to remove the wall plants and other pests living on the wall cracks. Dry the surrounding areas using a hair dryer. Patch up the cracks yourself or spend some money on a simple wall renovation. Make sure clean air and sunlight can reach your home entrance and windows. Put wampee leaves in a pail of water. Gently wipe the walls of your home interior with the specially prepared water. Sprinkle some rough salt at all corners of your home.

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