Can ringing bells get rid of negative energy?

Anyone who tells you that ringing bells can get rid of negative energy needs to attend more Fengshui beginner courses.

Ringing bells attract negative energy instead of dispelling them!

In Taoism, we believe that the ringing sounds that bells make can be used to summon wandering spirits. Taoist priests regularly do that to do chanting and help the dead seek reincarnation.

What really happens when you ring a bell in a location full of negative energy?

If that location has low amount of negative energy, count yourself lucky as simple human movement and ringing sounds can disrupt the negative energy flow.

A big disaster will happen if that location has moderate to high amount of negative energy. The moment you ring a bell, the intense negative energy will rush towards you. If you do not have a Fengshui master to protect you, you may be harassed by wandering spirits. Your karma and luck can be seriously affected.

Best alternatives to bell ringing method to get rid of negative energy

I will highly recommend you to put bowls of coarse salt at all corners of the rooms you intend to cleanse. If you still insist on using sounds to get rid of negative energy, a powerful method will be chanting “Om Mani Padme Hum” in all the rooms of that particular location. It is widely believed that the essence of Buddha’s teaching is in this simple chant.

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